Enhanced Curriculum


 UK Enhanced Curriculum

The Primary Science Curriculum is the basis for both the lower and upper primary levels. It is taught concurrently during the class schedule/timetable. This syllabus covers a wider range of topics including all the required topics in the national KSSR and KSSM syllabus in greater depth, with a few additional topics that are not covered within the national KSSR / KSSM syllabus. At the lower primary level, a foundation in scientific concepts is embedded through engaging hands-on experiments and inquiry skill-based tasks.
The UK English Curriculum tremendously adds value to the command of English, especially for our Asian learners. It is taught concurrently during the class schedule/timetable. Students master the language through reading, writing, listening, understanding and speaking components. Through this curriculum, students are introduced to advanced comprehension and writing skills which are the ultimate in language learning. They will also learn to write stories and speak confidently in public through class activities. The school prepares students to achieve excellent grades in the PT3 and SPM.