School Fees & Payment Options

2020 School Fees & Payment Options

  1. School fees can be paid annually, in two(2) terms or monthly.
    • For annual payments, all payments are due before the beginning of the new academic year.
    • For term payments, all payments are to be made before the beginning of each term (January & June).
    • For monthly option, the last month fee (December fee) is prorated in the 1st three(3) months, followed by the regular monthly fee.
  2. Our Locked-Fee Policy is applicable our School Fee only and to all levels, until Senior 5.
  3. The mentioned Security Deposit is currently only applicable to those choosing monthly payment option. For parents paying term or annual, the Security Deposit is waived. This deposit shall be refunded with a one-month notice.
  4. The Application and Registration Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.