Why Choose Zenith?

Zenith Group of Schools have won numerous awards in both academics and industry. We have produced numerous Top Achievers at Checkpoints, UPSR, PT3, SPM and IGCSE examination as well as recognition in the education industry, including the prestigious SME 100 and SKIPS conducted by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
With the experience & expertise of operating one of the leading international schools in Negeri Sembilan since 2012, with a fully-facilitated campus – Zenith International School (White House Campus), we focus on and ensure the same high-quality & output throughout our Group of Schools.
Our affordable school fee structure and the unique Locked-In Fee Policy makes it easy for every parent to send their child to Zenith Schools. Although your child is exposed to both the Malaysian & International curriculum, our school fee remains one of the most affordable in Malaysia.
All students are required to sit for their UPSR, PT3 and SPM examinations respectively. However, as we blend your child’s learning with International syllabus, our students are prepared to attempt the optional Primary Checkpoint (Junior 6), Secondary Checkpoint (Senior 3) and the prestigious IGCSE (Senior 11) from U.K.
Our graduates continue their tertiary at top universities and have continued to top their class. We nurture our students with the culture of success from the beginning. We make learning fun. We educate our students to enjoy and love their studies. We gear our students to prepare themselves towards their career goals.

Our Success Stories